Buying and Selling Homes for Cash Avoids Costly Broker Fees


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As of 2008, a record 49 million Americans, or 16.1% of the total U.S. population, lived in a family household that contained at least two adult generations, or a grandparent and at least one other generation. These generational living arrangements make good sense in a time of economic uncertainty and high costs for skilled care for older adults. When, these families first make the decision to combine households, they are often left with at least one home to sell or rent out. Making the decision to move an older parent or relative into your home often makes good sense.

Rental homes in St. Louis MO for example, bring landlords a steady income of rent payments. Adult children are deciding to move their aging parents into their homes and to rent or sell the other property. Cash home buyers or real estate investors are often so anxious to accumulate more properties that often these vacated homes can sell without the expense of official real estate listings.

Consider the family who lives in St. Joseph MO who has three older children. The two oldest boys have already graduated from college, but the youngest son is still has two years left to finish his degree. They are the perfect family who would jump at the chance to buy a home that has recently been vacated by an older person. While the older person is moving into the home of an adult child, the parents of the college student are anxious for a chance to invest in a property rather than spend two more years paying rent. Rental homes in St. Louis MO and other locations throughout the state are becoming more and more expensive so many previous renters are looking to buy homes quickly.

Real estate bought for cash is a win win situation for both buyers and sellers. As the seller, your older parents who are looking to rid themselves of the burden of home owning have the opportunity to quickly get the cash they deserve from their house. The buyer is able to offer cash up front in return for not incurring the expense of realtor fees. Using a broker reduces the selling price of a typical home by 5.9% to 7.7% so why not take advantage of a buyer who has cash to pay for your home, whether it be a rental homes in St. Louis MO, or in Omaha NE?

Whether you are looking to sell home quickly or you are looking for home to buy, finding a buyer or seller who is willing to complete the purchase without involving a realtor will profit everyone involved.

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