Some Remodeling Ideas To Keep Elders Safe


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As the housing market continues working its way back up to its former self, people, in the mean time, are making more remodels and additions to their homes rather than selling. Whether it be to restore some aspects of the house for future sales at higher values, or simply to customize your house to match your personal style, there are endless remodeling ideas to consider.

Bathrooms have quickly become a staple for remodeling due to the reflection of cleanliness and personality it has on a home. According to the National Association of Home builders, 78% of all renovations are bathroom remodels, making it the most requested home alteration. For those interested in potentially selling their house in the future, bathroom remodels are a great way to boost a home’s value. On average, bathroom renovations can have a return on investment of up to 63.6%.

While some homeowners are mainly focused on increasing the value of their houses, some people choose to remodel bathrooms for more practical uses. As the baby boomer generation continues to age, more and more people will be housing their parents, making easy access throughout a house extremely important. This process of “universal design,” is meant improve accessibility for those with physical impairments while not sacrificing the visual appeal and style of a home. Some common features of a universally designed home include more open floor plans, a limitation on stairs and automated lighting.

Bathrooms, specifically, can prove to be dangerous to elders considering the need for water which they can easily slip on. Many new bathroom remodeling ideas revolve around showers, where older people will be exposed to multiple slip hazards. Homes can expect to include more safety features such as roll-in showers and wider doorways for those in wheelchairs, shower seats to limit the need for extensive standing, slip resistant floors made of materials to improve traction, and even multiple shower heads to decrease the need for movement.

There are numerous reasons to make customized improvements to one’s home design for countless, varying reasons. Regardless of what your motives might be, experienced customized home contractors can ensure you get the best quality products for your home remodeling ideas.

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