Why Replace Older Bathtubs When You Can Reglaze? Variety of Colors to Choose From


Porcelain tub refinishing atlanta

Home improvement projects are like road trips: sometimes they last a lot longer than planned, and someone is always asking, “Are we there yet?” Bathtub installers actually often recommend refinishing bathtub surfaces instead of replacing a bathtub. Since older bathtubs can become a haven for germs to multiply, many homeowners are looking to act quickly on their bathroom repair projects.

Bathtub reglazing is basically like a refresher course for older, outdated, cracked bathtubs. The process removes cracks and erases dirt that can be decades old, in some cases. Typically, the reglazing or refinishing process takes about four hours; after reglazing, the new glaze will need to set — or “cure” — for about 24 hours. So in a single weekend, homeowners could have an entirely new finish on their bathtub.

In the process of bathtub refinishing, cracks and imperfections are typically filled with a polyester putty. Homeowners can also choose a coating for the bathtub that is a different color than they started with; many home repair enthusiasts are excited at the opportunity to have a bathtub that matches their bathroom’s design and color. Experts report that a properly refinished bathtub can be expected to last, on average, at least 10 more years.

In general, home improvement enthusiasts enjoy working on projects at home. While a missing tile should be a quick fix, more complicated projects like addressing major grout inconsistencies in tiling, tile flooring installation, and tile removal may be best addressed by professional tile installation contractors. Contractors may have access to different equipment and tools than home contractors and may be able to accomplish home repair projects that are too complex or too time-consuming for homeowners with busy schedules.

Professional tile and bathtub installers should be able to provide consultative services for homeowners who are looking to start large home improvement projects. Sometimes, accomplished home repair enthusiasts are able to spend some time working alongside the professionals, learning from them and getting advanced tips and hints that they can apply to future repair projects, as well as gaining some experience using more specialized home repair equipment.

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