3 Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom


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How is your bathroom doing right now? Are your tiles cracked and worn? Does your bathtub look like a Wooky has taken up permanent residence? Well why are you accepting a bathroom you certainly don’t deserve. We spend over a years of our lives in the bathroom, whether it’s contemplating life on the porcelain throne or wasting gobs of water in a long, hot, luxurious shower. If you’re going to spend that much time there, you might as well enjoy it. And the best way to do that is with a good old fashion bathroom remodeling.
Not convinced? Here are 3 reasons to remodel your bathroom:

Health and Safety Reasons
Bathrooms with old ceramic tiles and outdated bathtubs can be teeming with unsavory mold and bacteria that doesn’t only pose serious heath risks, but it’s also downright disgusting. Old, cracked, and damaged surface in your bathroom can be a host to germs and dirt that even the best of Swiffer sweepers can’t wipe up. In addition to sanitation, old bathroom surfaces can be slippery, dangerous, and can pose risks to individuals who lose their footing on these surfaces. Tile removal and bathtub repair are subtle ways to renovate your restroom.

Create a Space You Love
Why have a bathroom that resembles that one from Saw when you can have a relaxing oasis that you actually want to retreat to. Bathroom renovations make this entirely possible. Visible cracks and damages in bathroom surfaces are the opposites of relaxing. Renovating your bathroom will ensure that your bathroom is a place you actually want to spend over a year of your life in!

Increased Real Estate Value
Bathroom remodeling is an investment in both the self and the overall value of your home. Just replacing a bathtub of re-enameling your shower can have a serious return of investment that will make your home increase in costs.
Remember, bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be extensive. Even replacing a bathtub can make a world of difference. Links like this.

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