Interior Designers Recommend Mixing Patterns and Fabrics for Exceptional Decorating Results


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Decorating trends may come and go, but there are certain tips and tricks that interior designers use all over the world to make their ideas come to life. Instead of paying for custom-length curtains, home decorators can buy the longest panels available at their local retail store and hem them to the length they need.

Since window treatments cover most of the curtain rod, using a standard curtain rod but affixing luxury metal accents to the ends is also becoming a popular choice for home designers who want to maximize their budgets. Making sure that store-bought curtain rods can bear the weight of heavy curtains is advised, and experts recommend that curtain fabric accent the decor of the rest of the room.

In general, home designers can customize bay window treatments and other aspects of their decorating projects to suit their personal needs. For homeowners who are sensitive to light, widely-available “blackout curtains” may be a relevant window treatment option, while for homeowners whose bedrooms or living rooms tend to lose heat, combining window blinds with heavier curtains may help lower heating bills.

Bay window treatments usually include longer curtain panels on both sides and a draped section in the middle, but so much depends upon individual homeowners’ taste. Curtain and blind treatments may be specifically selected to block ambient noise, and may be changed to suit furniture selection.

In general, decorating experts advise homeowners to buy curtains that are about three times as wide as the windows themselves, but some decorators opt for a more modern line. Curtains are usually installed about one inch from the ceiling and end just above the floor, but some designers opt for more length and allow their curtains to touch the floor. Finding just the right colors and fabric for window treatments remains one of the most important details to consider during the process of custom interior design.

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