What Young Families Look for the Most in a Home



Selling a home can be a nightmare for some and a breeze for others depending on the condition of a home. Those who experience difficulty in generating buzz for their home may need to turn to home improvement projects to get the attention they need to sell a home. Knowing your target audience is essential as well, since the majority of home buyers are Millennials, it may help to understand the three things young families are looking for in a home.

Increased Curb Appeal

Many home sellers forget that the interior is only half of the product; ugly exteriors can cost home sellers since most home buyers look online at pictures of the property — this eliminates the need for them to visit. Investing in a privacy fence, patio, or deck could increase value to your home and generate the attention you as a home seller are looking for. Updating outdated and ugly external paint jobs or refinishing existing decks is an even easier project that can lead to a high return-on-investment (ROI).

Home Safety

The one thing no family wants to think about is a disaster occurring; its only natural that every person wants to protect their family. Replacing windows and doors with hurricane-resistant high-impact alternatives can spare families from natural disasters and break-ins. Thick steel doors are harder to breach than traditional wooden doors which have failed to aggressive break-ins and 200 mph winds in the past. Hurricane windows are available in a variety of styles: the durable glass has two layers, so even if the glass is shattered the inner layer proves impenetrable to all but the most severe conditions.

Energy-Saving Alternatives

The internet means that home buyers have more freedom to do research and determine exactly what they are looking for in a home. This means that energy-saving is a primary concern as the green movement takes hold of the nation. Taking steps to minimize energy loss in your home could make ideal selling-points later on. Replacing traditional windows with energy-saving alternatives could reduce heating and cooling loss by 7%-15% down from the 30% average that homeowners experience through windows. Programmable thermostats likewise give homeowners the option to control when their HVAC units operate, potentially saving hundreds in climate control every year. Taking some steps to invest in your home may give it the push it needs to break out on the crowded house market.

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