Did You Lock Your Keys in Your Car? Contact an Automotive Emergencies Locksmith


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Did you lose your car keys? What about your house or apartment keys? Were you aware that losing keys is a common phenomenon? While lost house keys come in second place, lost car keys come in third. It’s also been shown that people tend to spend about ten minutes a day searching for something they’ve lost. That said, it’s a good idea to always keep your keys in the same place and have an extra set–or two.

If you tend to lose or misplace your house or car keys, you may want to hide an extra set somewhere safe. It’s common sense–and a good idea–to hide them away from your front door, though. The recommended distance is at least 20 feet. When hiding keys, it’s also a good idea to choose somewhere that’s not particularly obvious or easy to locate and access. Be sure to change your hiding place on a regular basis, too.

In order to protect your safety, It goes without saying that you don’t want anyone to see–or easily discover–where you hid your keys. An exception to this rule, however, is if it’s someone you trust, such as a roommate or family member. After all, the possibility exists that you may need them to retrieve your keys at some point.

No one wants their house broken into or burglarized. Even though you may check, double-check, and even triple-check to make sure you haven’t left any windows open, sometimes one or two can escape notice. The same applies to your doors.

Interesting to note, though, is that many burglars, approximately 60%, actually use forcible entry. Another 30% will look for unlocked doors or windows, and if they find one, will enter your home or apartment in that way.

If you have a broken key, or if you have lost your set of keys, then an automotive emergencies locksmith can assist you with gaining access to your car. If your house keys were on the same key ring, however, you’ll need to contact a residential locksmith to assist you. It’s possible, too, that your automotive emergencies locksmith may also be a residential locksmith.

For those times when you lose your keys and can’t remember where you put your spare set, it’s good to know that there is an automotive emergencies locksmith to assist you.

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