Three Home Repairs You Should Make Before Winter Hits


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Winter weather can take its toll on your home. Before Jack Frost starts knocking at your door, be sure to make the following home repairs:

  1. Gutter repairs

    Be sure to drain your gutters and make sure that they are clean and clear of all debris. Gutter cleaning isn’t the most fun household chore, but it is necessary to ensure that your gutters don’t become unusable and clogged. Clogged gutters can cause damage, especially in the winter months, when the debris can become frozen and heavy. Extra weight on the gutters can cause them to bend and break.

    Cleaning your cutters doesn’t put you in the clear though. Any excess snow can also put unnecessary weight on your gutters as well. Gutter repairs are needed routinely in order to make sure that the drainage systems can hold up to the weight of snow and heavy rains. Gutter guards can be helpful it make sure that your gutters don’t have to hold any unnecessary weight.
  2. Roof repair

    Shingled roofs are especially prone to curling, buckling, and cracking, making it easier for moisture to seep into your home. Roofing repair and maintenance can be a long, strenuous process, and if the damage is too excessive, you may have a roof in need of replacement. Regular maintenance can help you limit the likelihood of roof replacement. Have your roof inspected regularly.
  3. Window and siding repair

    During the winter, the last thing you want to do is let in cold air or let the warm air out. Probe parts of your siding, as well as door and window frames. Wood windows and door frames are most likely to shift revealing holes that allow cool air to come through. If the holes are small enough, you can fill them with caulk yourself. However, if the damages are more significant, it is wise to call a professional to have the holes filled, or have the siding replaced completely.

These repairs are best to make when the weather is cool, but not cold, because the labor that goes into this maintenance is often long and strenuous. Autumn is the perfect time to call a repair team to prep your home for the harsh winter ahead, as well as many minor fixes yourself.

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