How To Transform Your Beach House Into Something Straight Out Of The Magazines


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Let’s talk interior design. What constitutes a warm, welcoming and beautiful environment to you? Likewise, what turns you off and makes you want to redecorate every time you step into a room? These questions can seem overwhelming, but the fact of the matter remains that asking good question will yield good results. Upscale furniture can achieve nearly anything your heart desires, relying on a strong sense of placement, color and material to bring out the best your rental house or home has to offer. Do you want to add hammocks on the porch? How about an indoor sofa for when you invite over friends? The list below will help you learn how to ask the right questions so you spend less time struggling with ideas and more time creating the space you’ve always wanted.

Furniture And Furnishings

You’ll never be at a shortage of options, that’s for sure! While outdoor living categories have generally fared well over the past decade, outdoor furniture sales growth has actually seen a significant boon. Reaching an impressive $4 billion in sales, the category’s 50% growth is considered miles ahead of every other furniture category. Why is this? Considering how more Americans are starting to see the benefits of balancing outdoor activities with indoor ones, it stands to reason why so many are turning to outdoor living solutions to enhance their lifestyle.

Sofas And Chairs

One of the keys to a comfortable location is the sofa. You use them to relax, lounge with friends and even sleep, so putting a lot of effort in this area will already strike a few boxes off your list. Sofas have a lengthy lifespan that can reach 15 years if you take good care of it, with many preferring the soothing quality of leather over more conventional models. Upscale furniture sets can often combine sofa and chair models to give your rooms more cohesion, to boot. Remember that any spills on leather should be wiped with a clean cloth immediately to avoid permanent stains!

Curtains And Drapes

A beach house just isn’t the same without some good drapes. They not only look lovely and encourage the ocean’s breeze to filter throughout your home, they can even do the dual-work of filtering heat and keeping you comfortable. Window awnings are able to reduce solar heat gain int he summer by an impressive 65% on south-facing windows, with another 77% on west-facing windows. You can use an awning to simply shade one window or have them custom-made to give an entire side of your house reprieve. Overall? Highly reflective blinds and drapes can reduce heat gain by at least 45%.

Color And Placement

Don’t underestimate the power of color and placement when seeking out your upscale furniture! White is a common choice for beach settings due to its breezy feel and mimicry of beach-related icons, such as sand and shells, but it also does the dual work of reducing heat. Studies have shown medium-colored drapes or light-colored ones with white-plastic backings can reduce heat gain by 33%. Arranging your stylish outdoor furniture swings or indoor furniture designs toward a ‘less is more’ approach will also help immensely with feeling content rather than crowded.

Using Your Upscale Furniture The Smart Way

Did you know a new survey conducted by the Harris Poll for the National Association Of Landscape Professionals saw three-quarters of Americans feeling it’s important to spend time outside in their yards or summer homes? Additional studies have seen more than half of all residential architects believing outdoor living features are playing a more important role in the modern home than ever before. The year 2016 saw the number of people who say they live in a house buying more drapes and window awnings than any other year, amounting to a collective $31 million. Consider what makes a house special yourself and see how you can transform it overnight like so many Americans have this year.

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