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Do you want to achieve the perfect ambiance? Are you looking for ways to jazz up your indoor or outdoor lighting? It might be time to talk to a custom lighting design company. Light can have a huge impact on the way we feel, how well we sleep, and much more. Many homeowners cite good natural light as a top item they look for when looking at homes to rent or buy. A tasteful interior lighting design can make a huge difference in how a room feels and functions as well. And, if you have a bigger yard, keeping landscape lighting in mind can turn your backyard into a useful and aesthetically pleasing space. Indeed, good landscaping can bump up your home’s resale value by almost 15%. Consulting with a custom lighting design company can help improve your home’s overall value, make rooms seem bigger, and even have a positive impact on your mood.

What Should I Keep In Mind With Residential Lighting?

You want to think about both indoor and outdoor lighting. The first purpose of lighting is functionality — how much do you need to carry out tasks in that room? You might want brighter lights in the kitchen, for example, than in the bedroom. Tired of digging in the back corners of unlit closets? Consider installing lights there! Are you sick of stumbling up that first stair to your back door? Consider putting in outdoor lights or perimeter lights around your home so you can see better.

You also want to think about aesthetics as well. For example, softer, yellow light can be wonderful in the evening as you wind down from your day. One easy way to achieve this is by using timers or dimmers with your lighting, so your home can look the way you want it 24 hours a day without much effort on your part.

What Kinds of Lights Should I Look At?
Many homeowners are starting to think about more energy efficient lights, such as LED lights. They use just 15% of the energy that a halogen light uses and provide far more light output — as much as 85% more! This makes them much more effective at a much lower energy cost. LED lights also last longer — if the right driver is installed and thermal control is maintained well, an LED light can provide 80,000 or more hours of usage, without dimming too much. An LED light can still maintain 70% of the initial light output it provided when first installed.

Recessed lights can be great for kitchens, bathrooms, or areas where it blocks sightlines or is tough to get a fixture in. When set on a dimmer switch, these can also be every effective in maintaining both function and appearance.

Using accent lights to highlight specific areas of the room or pointed task lights can also go a long way towards focusing one’s attention or heightening the drama of a room.

Why Consult With a Custom Lighting Design Company?

A custom lighting design company is your best bet
towards bringing your lighting vision to life. You’re assured high quality work and experts who understand how shadows, color, and texture all work together to create the effect you desire. They’ll be able to pull a design together that’s effective, but also aesthetically pleasing, with the right equipment for the job. A lighting design company can draw up a simple plan or a full lighting design, depending on what you’re looking for and will work collaboratively with you to best understand the effect you’re looking for. Ideally, the company will also visit during construction, to make sure that things are proceeding according to plan and be able to adjust, should things go awry.

Hire a custom lighting design company to bring your lighting to its full potential. You’ll be amazed at the magic they can work, by focusing on shades, accents, fixtures, and more. Your house will be quickly transformed by better lighting and an understanding of how lighting can enhance or maximize its features.

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