Could a Lack of HVAC Maintenance Lead to Mold Growth?


Did you know that an HVAC plays a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment? Without proper HVAC maintenance, your home will likely have to contend with nasty mold growth and poor air circulation. To solve this problem, only hire professional HVAC companies to do maintenance and repairs.

Also, remember that safety controls are essential components in HVAC circuits because they protect the system from many potential hazards. Most switches used for safety controls in HVAC circuits are strategically placed to monitor critical aspects, such as temperature and airflow. This is an excellent reason to ensure your HVAC system has these features to enhance its reliability and safety.

HVAC maintenance demands that you act proactively. Call up an HVAC company that provides efficient HVAC administration. This step involves carefully monitoring and managing various system parameters, such as function tests and inspections.

Be proactive and choose the correct location. You can buy HVAC equipment stands that provide sturdy support and elevation for HVAC equipment, such as condensing and air handling units. These stands help to prevent the HVAC from damage due to a possible flooding situation. The right stands also facilitate easier access for maintenance and repairs by HVAC technicians, making them a must-have item for your home.

When you have issues with your HVAC unit, you will want to get it fixed right away. In many areas, temperatures can be dangerous in the summer and winter, and not having your AC heater fan working can make things much worse indoors. Before you get AC furnace service, look into the companies that do AC heating and cooling near me and find out about the reputations of each of them. Read reviews and get a feel for them.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with an AC heating and cooling unit, and the company you choose has to be able to diagnose the problem. Make sure that the company has plenty of experience with HVAC units. They should have years of experience fixing these units and installing new ones.

It’s rarely a good idea to try to fix your HVAC unit yourself. Unless you are fully trained on how to fix these machines, trying to fix it yourself can be highly dangerous. Repair people go through intensive training on how to repair these units safely. If you were to try it yourself, you could end up with a major injury or worse. Let the pros do the work.

Avoiding Air Conditioning Repair: What Maintenance Really Does For Your Heating and Cooling Unit.If your home uses an AC unit for cooling, then you need to schedule regular maintenance checks if you want to avoid unexpected air conditioning repairs. Keeping an HVAC unit in good repair does go a long way towards energy savings, however maintenance can also be a predictor of your health as well. If you want to avoid emergency HVAC repair, increase energy savings, and also keep an eye on your health, you’ll want to make regular check-ups a priority.

Temperature-controlled air is a luxury of the modern age. Keeping it working throughout a hot summer or a freezing winter requires the unit to be in good working order. It is recommended that even efficiently working systems receive a standard inspection about twice a year.

Maintenance Check: What the HVAC Service Does to Your Unit.

Every unit is inspected according to a checklist. The first red flag the technician will look for is to see if the unit was properly installed. An improperly installed unit could eat up about 30% of your home’s heating and cooling efficiency, so this is step number one when looking for ways to save on your utility bills. Next, the technician will do a number of checks: remove any debris; check fluid levels and refill as necessary; examine drainage and remove any obstructions; clean coil and cabinet; inspect control box and electrical parts for excessive wear and tear; and finally, ensure tubing is in proper working order.

These steps do more than make sure everything is going as it should. Inspections can also predict if a system is running optimally. A regular check-up can help you ensure the unit is running as efficiently as possible, which incidentally will result in it using up less energy. The goal is to have the unit operating exactly as the manufacturer intended.

Maintenance Prevents Most Emergencies.

An emergency air conditioning repair is caused for one of two reasons: an unforeseeable accident or improper care. Guess which one occurs most often? The steps a technician follows when checking a unit during an inspection will prevent most problems, because the problem is addressed before it hits a critical point. A broken machine usually comes about because a small problem become a big problem.

For example, say a section of tubing is showing more wear than it should. The technician advises the homeowner that the section needs to be replaced; they replace it; then the tubing doesn’t have a chance to deteriorate and rip during a bout of strenuous usage. An inspection may reveal a problem as simple as a clump of leaves and sticks that were blown into the unit that were blocking a drainage tube. It’s an easy fix, but could have become quite a problem if not addressed within a certain time frame.

Feeling Sick? Make Sure Mold Isn’t the Culprit.

A problem that can plague any home with an HVAC unit is mold in the system. Unlike mold that might grow under a sink or in a damp basement, mold in a heating and cooling unit goes mostly unseen. If you relied on air conditioning repair only when the unit stopped working, and not for maintenance checks, then mold could have a chance to grow in your unit for months, perhaps even years.

About 93% of chronic sinus infections are blamed on mold, according to the Mayo Clinic. While you won’t be able to see the mold in your home, one good indicator that it is growing in your unit is if the smell is apparent. This can be characterized by a wet or thick smell that grows stronger when the unit is running.

Regularly scheduled maintenance checks will not be able to prevent every air conditioning repair over the years, but it can help prevent unexpected problems. Consistency is key in ensuring peak performance, which can lead to energy savings, the prevention of mold growth, and emergency situations. If you aren’t yet scheduling regular inspections for your air conditioning unit, decide today to start taking better care of it, so that it can keep taking care of your home.

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