Drilling, Servicing and Maintaining Your New Well


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Humans have been using wells to get their life sustaining water for over ten thousand years. Until about a hundred years ago, almost all wells were dug by hand. Currently, over 15 million U.S. households regularly depend on private ground water wells. While water pumps can pump water up hundreds of feet, they cannot lift water up that is much more than thirty feet below the pump.This is why hand pumps are only used on shallow wells, and deeper wells have electric pumps that are lowered into the well.

Most modern wells are drilled, which requires a fairly complicated and expensive drill rig. Drill rigs are often mounted on big trucks. They use rotary drill bits that chew away at the rock, percussion bits that smash the rock, or, if the ground is soft, large auger bits. If you need a well dug, seek groundwater professionals to help you. They are knowledgeable about well digging, drilling, servicing and maintaining your new well.

Americans use about 100 gallons of water per day. In one year, the average American residence can use over 100,000 gallons, which includes inside and outside of the home. Unfortunately, only about 1% of all water can be used for all of our needs. The rest is either trapped in ice caps or too salty or undrinkable.
Some 2.78 million trillion gallons of groundwater or 30.1 percent of the world’s freshwater, are estimated for the entire planet of Earth.

All private wells use ground water. Once a well is constructed, it is the well owner’s responsibility to maintain it in a manner that will prevent the entry of surface water or other foreign materials that are likely to contaminate the well and the aquifer. Some water is “Smelly”, often the result of sulfur, which can also corrode your plumbing and should be purified.

Once you have found the best well digging services in your area, they can take care of basement sump pump installation, water tanks, and provide water well sealing. A basement sump pump is recommended in case of flooding. Make sure the well and pump company you utilize are licensed by the Department of Health and have a reputation for providing the highest quality well digging service.

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