Make Your Home Look Classy With Woven Wood Shades


Home styles and design trends do come and go, but there are certain things that will never go out of style or stop looking amazing. Woven wood shades are classy, elegant, and work much better than many fabric an plastic options.

Get Modern With Woven Wood Shades

There’s a lot you can do with woven wood shades that you can’t do with more traditional, older styles. If you’ve ever wanted motorized window treatments you can control at the touch of a button, woven wood shades are a great option. These shades are very easy to operate and they can be purchased in motorized styles, or have motorized equipment added to them easily enough.

Wood is also less maintenance than fabric. With curtains and custom drapes, you have to take them down and wash them, either by hand or in the washing machine, on a regular basis. Fabric attracts and collects a lot of dust, lint, and hair. Wood blonds, by contrast, can simply be wiped down the same way you’d wipe down your wood furniture. There’s no need to take them down or wash them out, let them dry, and wait the whole time while your windows are naked. Now, that is a pretty modern window treatment.

Woven wood shades can also be considered a green-friendly option. You won’t use any energy putting them in the washing machine. And if you buy wood shades that are made from recycled materials, you’re doing a little something extra for the environment. If you can also get shades that are fully motorized, then you’re truly living a modern life.

Get Window Treatments You Love

If you don’t absolutely love your window treatments, then you don’t have the right window treatments. Consider getting something low-maintenance that always looks good. While home design trends in fabric colors and patterns have a way of changing from year to year, wood always looks amazing.

People are learning that curtains aren’t a very modern look. Window shades are one of the most common forms of window treatments, and you probably have at least one window covered with a shade in your home right now. Different homeowners want different things from their window treatments. You may want something decorative or something highly functional. Good shades can actually do both.

The shades you have on your windows allow you to control the amount of light in your home and make it easy for you to customize the look of any room. The right window treatments hold a room together, complete a design, and can even get you a lot of compliments from visitors. What will they see when they look at your windows? Do you want to show them something ultra-modern, eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and classy…or something outdated, hard to care for, and out of style?

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