When Was the Last Time Your Septic Tank Was Maintained?


Until you need actual septic tank repair of some kind, you probably don’t ever think about that tank out in your backyard or in your basement. The truth is, your tank needs regular maintenance and service. Don’t wait until it’s time to get repairs, because you’ll end up spending more and may even have to do without facilities for days at a time. Pay attention to your septic tank, sewer lines, and wastewater systems right now…because they’re past due for a little.

Septic Tanks, Sewer Lines, and Your Plumbing

Across the United States, wastewater treatment facilities process about 34 billion gallons of wasterwater…every day! That’s so many billions of gallons, it’s impossible to even imagine. About 20 percent of all Americans use septic tanks, while the other 80 percent use municipal water treatment plants to manage their sewage. You probably never think about how much water goes down your drains every day, but it’s a lot. Your septic tank or sewer system is doing a lot of work. So doesn’t it make sense that it probably needs a little bit of maintenance?

The average septic system will last about 25 years, but those years won’t be trouble-free unless the system receives regular maintenance. Standardized plumbing is actually one of mankind’s oldest achievements. It dates to around 3,000 B.C. in the Indus River Valley region, where pipes made out of Earth were used to transport drinking and wastewater. In the last five thousand years, we’ve learned a whole lot about how to move water around. There are many experts out there who have the equipment and the knowledge to keep your septic tank or sewer system functioning without trouble.

Septic Tank and Sewer Line Inspection

Professional plumbers and sewer specialists can perform camera inspections to look at the pipes and lines that carry waste from your house to your septic tank or sewer system. They can inspect your tank or your sewer line to look for potential problem areas, and tell you about any potential repairs or maintenance that may need to be performed. They can actually look inside the pipes, and they can tell a lot with a simple visual inspection.

With regular maintenance, your waste system will continue to function well. That’s what you want. If you’ve ever had a septic tank back up and flood your yard, or you’ve experienced the horrible smell associated with a clogged sewer line, then you know how important it is to keep that system working. Sewer gases and human waste are actually extremely dangerous. Exposure to human waste can actually lead to multiple diseases. For your own health and safety, it’s essential to have your septic tank or sewer lines inspected and maintained. You should have a regular check performed at least once a year.

Call an expert to have your waste system inspected today, and don’t wait for a problem to happen that puts your health at risk.

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