What You Should Know About Your Home’s Plumbing System


Plumbing and its concept have been around, in some way, shape, or form, for thousands of years now. As a matter of fact, the beginnings of plumbing as we know it today can be traced back to ancient Greek, Roman, Persian, and Chinese civilizations, and can be seen in early Indian cities as well. Public bath houses mark some of the first buildings to use these plumbing systems, thanks to the fact that they needed potable water and to drain the waste caused by the many people who utilized these structures. Therefore, systems of plumbing, though primitive by today’s standards, were first developed.

Of course, plumbing is a hugely important part of modern life. After all, plumbing in our homes and places of work (and just about everywhere else that we might go) benefits us a great deal in a very consistent way. Without indoor plumbing, indoor bathrooms as we know them would not be possible, from the toilet to the shower to the sink. Hygiene as we know it and practice it today very much relies on indoor plumbing. So too do other basic practices we participate in on a daily basis throughout our homes, from doing laundry to cleaning our floors to washing our dishes. Ultimately, we need indoor plumbing in more ways than we likely even consciously notice throughout the course of day to day life.

In order to keep your plumbing in good shape, hiring a plumbing service can be quite hugely beneficial. After all, the typical plumbing service can inspect your plumbing and determine whether or not anything needs servicing or maintenance. They can also perform a wide variety of different services. For instance, the typical plumbing service can provide professional drain cleaning services, something that can help your plumbing system to function more efficiently than ever before and can even solve problems of slow drainage throughout your home. In addition to this, a plumbing service can also typically conduct water heater installation, something that many homes will need done at least every couple decades or so, a water heaters will ultimately need replacing even when they have been cared for quite meticulously.

In addition to this, any given plumbing service can provide repair work to your plumbing system in question, from the toilet leak to the water heater leak to beyond. Correcting these leaks in your home is a hugely important thing. After all, far too much water is wasted when leaks are NOT corrected but are simply left untouched. As a matter of fact, it has been found that at least 10% of all homes are experiencing water leaks that are wasting at least 90 gallons of water throughout the course of a single day. And many homes are still experiencing significant leakage – just not quite at that level. Therefore, addressing water leaks early on is something that is hugely important to do. With a leaky faucet that drips just once per second wasting as much as 3,000 gallons of water over the course of a year, it should come as no surprise that as many as 10,000 gallons of water are wasted yearly – all for just one home in this country, one home out of many.

Toilets can also benefit from repair work as provided by the typical plumbing service. This is due to the fact that toilets can be particularly prone to leakage. As a matter of fact, up to 35% of all toilets have some level of leakage. Having this leak – and other leaks throughout your home – repaired is something that can benefit you immensely in the long run. After all, up to 10% on your water bills can be saved when leak repair is conducted even on minor leaks, making the cost of the plumbing service in question more than worth it at the end of the day.

All in all, the typical plumbing service is one that serves a very important role in the United States. All throughout the country, people are losing money and water to leaks, something that hurts your wallet as well as the environment. Fortunately, a plumbing service can mitigate such damage.

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