Three Good Reasons You Should Consider Installing a Frameless Glass Shower Door


An ensuite is more than just a bathroom, it’s an intimate space and perhaps one of the most important rooms in a house — which is why as much as a bathroom needs to be functional, it also needs to have visually appealing components.

The glass shower doors are increasingly becoming an important part of completing a contemporary bathroom layout. They flawlessly enclose shower spaces with a glass touch of elegance. There are two basic options for how your glass partition wall will be constructed: framed systems and frameless options.

We’re going to look at the frameless glass showers since they’ve become a common element for bathroom renovations. It makes the space more intimate and useful for all your bathroom needs.

Custom Glass and Mirror Installation

Frameless shower doors can be customized to fit your space properly. This means they can be mass-produced to standard sizes for specific projects, which makes the shower door installation process more flexible.

Customization is the key selling point for these products. However, when choosing a frameless shower door, it’s important to know the measure and install to avoid having to make costly changes midway through the installation.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors are Aesthetically Pleasing

Unlike framed shower enclosures that are built with flimsy glass and heavy materials like metal frames or rubber, frameless shower doors are free of these additions, which makes the door too bulky to even install properly.

They have a clean and minimal look, and can be used to display your bathroom interior design from lighting, bathroom fixtures, showers heads or intricate shower design.

Eliminates the Risks of Mold Buildup

One of the challenges with framed glass shower doors is the accumulation of water between the door’s seals, which creates an ideal environment for the proliferation of mold in your shower.

Frameless shower doors are also easy to clean with their minimalist look. When cleaning, avoid scrubbing the glass and instead use a squeegee to gently wipe the surface. With a frameless glass shower door, these blindspots for germ and bacterial growth are completely eliminated.

The improved innovation in glass shower doors over the years is seeing the introduction of new frameless glass showers such as the industrial frameless shower enclosures and modern versions.

  • Industrial Frameless Shower Glass Doors will instantly transform your bathroom with an aesthetically beautifully visual appeal. However, to achieve this, you need to find a glass door that is completely frameless and can easily blend with the rest of the room. Consider this when looking for a frameless industrial glass shower door.
  • Modern Frameless Glass Shower Doors
    This type of glass shower offers a clean and fresh appeal with no additional lines or touches on the glass to makes sure the attention is drawn to the bathroom rather than the glass door itself.

Another important technological advancement in glass shower doors is the use of tempered glass. This material is designed to shatter into small fragments that in case of an accident the pieces won’t inflict serious cuts and injuries. Laminated tempered glass is 4-5 times more difficult to fracture than normal glass. It’s meant to serve as a safety precaution for glass doors which are can shatter easily.

However, glass breakage is rare and only happens under unique circumstances such as damage on the door, especially with fault installation or glass inclusions. If a door is not installed properly, it’s more likely that it will constantly be under pressure and could break anytime.

The other common reason for glass door shattering is glass inclusions, which are the flaws that happen during the production process. If the glass has impurities and is not eliminated before the final product is formed, it compromises its integrity and durability, posing a potential shattering.

Other factors that can cause a glass door to break include temperature or humidity change. Leaving your air condition system on for long period can significantly alter these elements causing spontaneous glass breakage.

So, with these factors in mind, you can choose a frameless glass shower that suits your taste and complement the visual appeal of the entire room. Consult with an interior house designer to help you with the process.

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