5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Bathroom


Bathrooms are expected to be functional, and at the same time, you can make them beautiful spaces so that you can enhance your mood while taking a bath. Below are the five ways to get the most out of your bathroom and how to remodel bathroom DIY.

1) Check your bathroom countertop

To upgrade your bathroom countertop, you will start by knowing the best type of material based on how you will use your bathroom, budget, and bathroom style. Here is a list of the materials you can use for your countertop and the situations that suit them.

Quartz: It is one of the durable and cost-efficient countertop materials that you can buy. The material can last for an extended period because it is non-porous and resistant to cracking, chipping, staining and will not need waxing or sealing. These countertops come in various tones, textures, and colors, making them the best choice for your bathroom.

Marble: You can seek marble countertops because they have an elegant style and feel. These countertops will offer you an instant feeling of sophistical and value to your bathroom. They are also sleek and resistant to chipping and denting. If possible, you can purchase polished marble countertops to offer you a glossy finish that can fit into various bathroom vanities and sinks.

Granite: Granite bathroom countertops have a striking and unique array of colors and patterns. It is the best material you can use for your countertops due to its high heat resistance and prevents stains. Although this material does not need more maintenance, it is still long-lasting and resistant to scratches, stains and easy to clean. You make the most out of your bathroom using granite because it has a high-end stone quality and superior durability.

Concrete: They are inexpensive and provides the best customization and flexibility to suit the feel and look of your bathroom. You can easily buy this material compared to other kinds of materials. The durability, inexpensive and simple nature of concrete makes it the best material for your bathroom countertop.

Even though you may want to know how to remodel bathroom DIY, you should hire a professional bathroom repair expert for your countertop upgrade. A professional will ensure that they do everything appropriately so that your countertop lasts for an extended period.

2) Consider the flooring

If you wish to get the most out of your bathroom, one of the most critical choices you can undertake is the kind of flooring to install. Currently, you can access an array of bathroom flooring options, including laminate, wood, tile, and vinyl. However, before you decide on the flooring materials that suit your bathroom, you should consider your budget. For instance, if you plan to install a radiant-heat subfloor, you should choose a highly conductive material to heat.

Currently, seamless floors are the best new-generation floors that come without joints, ridges, and seams. They are poured-in-place methyl methacrylate, urethane, and epoxy formulations, making them become a natural part of the structure of your house. The seamless floors are reinforced with the best rebar mesh of high tensile strength steel fibers and designed without expansion or saw-cut joints. Further, these floors come in various designs that a professional remodeling expert can alter to suit your specific needs. For instance, you can customize their coatings with quartz or flake, and numerous color options might be implemented into your floor. Since these floors allow a variety of designs, you will not compromise the durability or aesthetic of your bathroom.

The seamless floors are usually divided into:

Polyester: The composition of polyester blends includes quartz and resins of fine fraction. It offers a high solidification rate, enabling you to get a dust-free and hygienic surface within a short period.

Polyurethane: It is made from two components and other hardeners, oligomers, and modifiers. The polyurethane self-leveling floors feature high resistance to vibrations and extensive elasticity.

Epoxy: It is a flooring that you can use in your bathroom if you have significant physical stress on the floor. This flooring has a high resistance to aggressive and mechanical influences, good adhesion to a substrate, and slight shrinkage.

Concrete: It is the most robust and preferred option that you can use for your residential or commercial bathrooms. The seamless concrete flooring will establish continuity between outdoor and indoor spaces because you can also apply them to the outside space by using special treatments.

Prime advantages of using seamless flooring

  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • High flexural and tensile
  • Non-porous and seamless
  • Excellent resistance to most chemicals and aids
  • Flatter and smooth surface
  • Extremely strong that concrete surface
  • High abrasion and impact resistance
  • No ridges, seams, and joints.

3) Choose the appropriate color

Choosing an appropriate color scheme for your bathroom is one of the simplest ways to transform its style and move the design to suit your aesthetic. Although there are numerous bathroom colors, not all of them will provide the same style and appeal as your bathroom. To assist you in narrowing down the list of colors, here is a guide for some of the best ones that you can choose.

Taupe: It is a deep rich color that combines gray and brown colors to achieve a versatile hue that you can customize to align with your stylistic preferences. Taupe tone will pair well with natural materials, including bamboo mat or wood accents. It is best to bring lighter-colored décor pieces of finishes to balance a deep tone and maintain an open and light feeling within your bathroom.

Clean white: When contemplating the color palette that can enhance your bathroom, white might not be the color you can think of. However, going for a clean white and crisp color can provide a blank canvas which you can use to establish a unique and bold style. If you wish your bathroom to feel open, bright, and clean, you should pair it with white subway tiles, floating wood vanity, and patterned black and white tiles. That will make your bathroom feel refreshing, complete, and tied together.

Charcoal gray: Moody, dark paint colors can make your bathroom feel sophisticated, rich, and elegant. The charcoal gray color had an adequate lightness that will make it maintain a feeling of openness within your bathroom but will be dark enough to offer you’re the stylistic accent that you deserve. When you use this color, it will also be easier for you to pair a décor and other finishes so that you establish a space that is uniquely tailored and dignified to your taste.

Navy blue: Going for a deep navy-blue color can imbue your bathroom with tranquility and sophistication, establishing an aesthetically pleasing and inviting environment. In most cases, light accents and tiles provide a crisp counterpart to a dark blue hue. Since navy blue is highly versatile, you can pair it with several colors.

With numerous colors that you can choose for your bathroom, you will be assured to get a shade that can match your style, aesthetic, and personality. Selecting the best color for your bathroom is one of the difficult issues but also fun.

4) Consider the lighting system

Choosing appropriate light is one of the most critical aspects of your bathroom. It can better your evening and morning routines and set your mood. However, you might wonder what established the appropriate lighting for a bathroom. Another way on how to remodel bathroom DIY is by considering the following ideas:

Ambient: It refers to overhead lighting, which can fill your bathroom space with soft but bright lighting which mimics daylight. It encompasses several fixtures, depending on the scale and size of the bathroom. If you equip this lighting with dimmers, you can offer the ultimate customer experience. However, if you install dimmer, you should select bulbs that are compatible with dimmers so that you can increase their lifespans.

Accent: Since a bathroom does not have a lot of opportunities to make several decorative statements apart from selecting the materials, decorating its walls is the only option for you. That means you will concentrate on accent lights and mirrors.

Task: These lights are meant to ensure that you can easily conduct your bathroom tasks because they will brighten the areas around the mirrors, vanity, bathtub, and shower.

LED: LED lights use the least energy. These lights come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from classic to flame-tipped and globes bulbs.

When choosing the lighting systems, you should also consider their styles and designs, including:

Recessed: Recessed lighting will work best in your bathroom if you have a shower because while taking a shower, water might splash out. If you mix an enclosed lighting system established for wet conditions, it can enhance your safety by keeping water out.

Flush-mount: This lighting system can be mounted on the ceiling of your bathroom instead of handling down like the chandelier or pendant ones. They will assist in striking a balance between decorative chandeliers or pendants and recessed lights.

Pendants and chandelier: A chandelier lighting system can appear beautiful when you place it over your bathtub. It can also function as a task light if you manage to install them such that they provide overhead lighting in the appropriate space.

Sconce: These lights are secured to the bathroom walls. They can be the best because they will serve as both task and accent lights. That is why most people install them in their bathrooms.

5) Check the plumbing system

Unchecked plumbing problems can increase your water bills. It can also be stressful if you turn on the shower but fail to get hot water. To solve such issues, you can look for a professional plumbing service to handle them. Some of the issues that residential plumbing experts can handle include:

Bad washer or valve seat: The washer and valve seat is placed between the spout and faucet to hold them in place. If these connections become loose or wear out, you can experience a leak at the spout. In this case, the corroding of the valve seat can occur due to mineral deposits. You can also face leakage issues if your plumber did not install the right size of the washer.

Old cartridge: You can also experience leaks at the mesh filter known as the aerator at the end of the spigot. With time mineral deposits can clog the aerator, and you can lose water pressure. Therefore, you should replace the aerator after a few years.

Clogged pipes: As a homeowner, you can face major frustration if your pipes get clogged. In this case, clogged drains and sinks can result in a debilitating experience. Therefore, you should avoid pouring toothpicks, brush bristles, toothpaste caps, toothpaste, soap, hair, and toilet tissue because they might block the pipes.

Low water pressure: Low water is one of the most annoying issues that you can experience. If you have low water, you might find it less enjoyable to take a bath. In some cases, low water pressure can correct itself when you install a new faucet or showerhead. However, to determine the root cause of low water pressure, you should hire a plumbing repair expert near you.

No hot water: Unless you live in a hot environment, taking a bath using cold water is not a fun activity. In most cases, a water heater is expected to last between 8 and 13 years, but its lifespan can reduce if you are not extremely careful. If you find yourself where your water heater is not working, you can hire a heating repair expert who can help unearth and rectify the issue.

Rust and corrosion: Water pipe products including chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, PVC, polybutylene, copper, and galvanized steel might rust with time. Such products can settle onto the bottom of the tank, and as water is pumped into your home, they can clog and minimize the water flow. Therefore, you should get in touch with a plumber to check for such issues and correct them.

Home water damage: Every homeowner might deal with an accident involving water that can overflow the bathroom. In such a situation, you will be required to undertake a quick home water damage cleanup. You can achieve that by turning off the water and power. After that, you can call a water damage restoration expert who will help clean up the standing water using a power washing machine. After that, the expert will dry out the water to prevent the growth of mold.

Bathrooms are the home features that might never seem to have adequate storage space. If you are tired of struggling with your tiny bathroom and do not have a budget or time to undertake a full remodel, you can use the above tricks for ways on how to remodel bathroom DIY.


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