The Best Type of Window Shades


Interior designer, Sandra, walks viewers through the different window shades for homeowners who want to block light or add privacy to their homes, all of which can be paired with blackout lighting.

A roman shade has horizontal folds that look elegant. While typically made from patterned fabric, modern versions offer different fold styles and materials, including wood or bamboo. These shades retain moisture but are easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth, duster, or vacuum.

Roller shades are vinyl or fabric that rolls up at the top of windows.

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They’re simple and clean and pair well with curtains. Homeowners can choose motorized and cordless options and easily wipe down vinyl shades with soapy water or vacuum fabric shades.

Solar shades are similar to roller shades but also prevent UV rays and glare from sunlight. There are several cons, including the cost, lack of nighttime privacy, and limited color availability.

Finally, consumers can choose cellular shades. The accordion shade consists of two pieces of fabric surrounding air pockets to increase temperature control and energy efficiency. Cellular shades are safer around kids and pets who might pull on the cords of blinds, and homeowners can opt for motorized versions. However, these shades are quite delicate.

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