How asphalt paving works


In this YouTube video, Asphalt Testing Solutions and Engineering discusses the proper steps to completing a successful paving project. The asphalt paving company should take into consideration weight requirements and drainage issues of the space to be paved.

Apply tack to a clean road surface before putting on the hot mixture.

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Once it turns black and the pre-paving checklist has been completed, paving can commence.

Implement and follow a pre-paving checklist. Heat the street and center the tow points. Set the paving width and measure twice before doing this. Set the main screed crown and the slope extensions. Lower the screed into the starting position and null it. Set the end gates and the auger height two inches above what is to be placed. Set the feed sensors and fill the auger chamber. Pull off from the starting point.

The dump trucks are directed into position by the dump man. The dump man makes sure the hopper is always one-half to one-third full. The conveyor moves the mix from the hopper to the auger chamber. The material moves from the auger to the front of the screed. A constant supply of mixture should be kept at the head of the screed. The rolling patterns compress the pavement and keep it at its proper thickness. Compacting is done with a steel roller and traffic roller.

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