Hurricane-Resistant Garage Doors


Prepare for the hurricane season by anchoring down your biggest threat. Watch this video on how hurricane garage doors offer significant stability to your home’s core during inclement weather. This can be the most important precaution in preparing your home against hurricane weather.

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A garage door is the largest single opening in a home that can easily be torn and shredded from the structure during a hurricane. Unlike doors or walls, there are no supportive beams to hold in place. It is not unusual for strong winds to compromise a normal garage door, causing damage inside a home or causing damage to a neighbor’s home. Hurricane garage doors offer the weight and integrity needed to protect the movement from occurring.

The panels are made of 24-gauge steel and have reinforced metal bars across the perimeter of the bottom and top base. This is the weakest part of a regular garage door and needs the most stability and protection. Seven 14-gauge steel fasteners further secure the rods from shifting.

Hurricane garage doors are similar to having two doors in one with perfect balance and improved integrity. With professional installation, they provide enough fortitude to hold tough against hurricane and high wind conditions.

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