Privacy Backyard Fence Ideas


Do you want to add backyard fences to your home? Check out this video that gives some ideas for a backyard privacy fence.

Putting up a privacy fence can be an expensive undertaking. However, if you select the right materials and build the fence yourself, you’ll end up saving quite a bit on this backyard upgrade.

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Wood, for the most part, will be your cheapest option per foot when compared to vinyl and composite fencing. The type of wood you choose makes a significant difference in the cost of your privacy fence. Bamboo is an up-and-coming option for fencing material. It’s fairly weather-proof and comes in at a very reasonable price. A traditional chain link fence is a cheap way to enclose your yard, but offers no privacy. However, you can purchase privacy fabric or slats to add to a chain link fence to create a more secluded area. Regardless of which option you choose, learning to install your own fence through a weekend clinic or DIY seminar can help you save you a significant amount of money.

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