Draperies and the Importance of Fullness


Drapes can make or break a room. The sheer number of styles, colors, materials, and sizes of draperies can be overwhelming in the midst of decorating a new room. The right draperies for your room can be decided by several technical factors.

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The size of the window they are around has a big role to play in what colors you choose. Depending on how much light you prefer, you may prefer a lighter color to help the room get sunnier in the summer. Another factor to consider is how much fullness you are looking for in your draperies. This video gives a brief synopsis on fullness.

As you can see, fullness refers to how many folds there are in the drapery, and consequently how much of the window is covered at all times, even with the draperies drawn. The choice of more full or less full is purely in the eye of the room designer, so there is no real wrong answer to the question of fullness. Don’t forget to also consider colors as well. If your color is more vivid, chances are that a less full look will add a lighter accent as not to class with your other decor.


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