Which Seal Truly Works Best?


Seals for liquids and gases are integral to any engineering project. When you are working with such free-flowing elements, it is of the utmost importance that none leaks out or does so very, very, slowly. Several different tools can be used to achieve this task, but the most common is what’s called a seal. This video details the anatomy of many different kinds of seals you can choose from for your project. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but which one is truly the best?

The answer to that question is open-ended to say the least. Some prefer the long service life of the spring seal, while others pay a visit to labyrinth seal manufacturers. The labyrinth seal is just what it sounds like.

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It entails a maze-like pattern inside a mechanical seal, thus preventing leakage of oil lubrication. All in all, every project requires its own personal touches, and choosing a seal for your own personal project may take quite a bit of thought. Labyrinth seal manufacturers as well as spring seal manufacturers can conform their products to just about any size you need. Check out each seal’s size and durability to find the best fit for your machine!


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