Using Sub Slab Depressurization to Remove Radon From a Home


Radon removal systems can use external sub slab depressurization systems to treat homes. With these, no components of the radon system will go into the house as seen with previous systems. You should start by digging a small hole on the outside of the home to get under the concrete slab, coming in at a horizontal angle.

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The fan of the system is powered by tapping into an internal outlet and wiring the system to the existing electric unit. You can do this by using an oversize downspout painted to match the color of the house, to keep the system from becoming an eyesore.

Giant holes built into the foundation can often allow radon to escape up into your home. Expanding foam can be put in these holes to help seal them over. Suction is lost in the system when these holes arise so cleaning and sealing the spaces so the silicone can adhere to the area, should be done when installing a sub slab depressurization system.

A manometer shows you if the radon system is running correctly, and this looks similar to an everyday thermometer. To learn more about this process, follow along with the video!


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