Buying a Luxury Home is Not as Easy as You Think

Buying a luxury home is considered by many to be a part of the ultimate American Dream. Many people fantasize about owning a massive home, complete with gleaming crystal chandeliers, designer furniture, plush master bedroom suites, and acres of property to landscape to perfection. The reality is that these homes do exist and can be […]

Buying a New Calgary Home with Help You Can Trust

Looking for a home in Calgary? Right now, there are 188,900 housing units for sale in Canada. Maybe not all of these listings are new Calgary homes for sale, but with these numbers, odds are good that you can find the home to house your lifestyle right here in Calgary, Canada. Have you been heeding […]

Hire Skilled Contractors to Stay Warm During Frigid Winter Months

Despite the fact that dirty air ducts and inefficient heating systems can not only be harmful to your wallet, but to your health as well, only 42% of American homeowners have their HVAC system serviced every year. While there are lots of factors that contribute to that trend, including the fact that the average HVAC […]

Let the Sunshine In!

Replacing your standard door with a sliding glass door can help bring more natural light into your home. Your rooms will be brighter and more vibrant, and you can save money. Natural light allows you to turn off your light during the daytime, which helps reduce the amount of your monthly electric bill. Additionally, studies […]

A Look at Solar Systems and Solar Racking

Solar energy is becoming a much more viable option for many people. Solar energy installation for schools, businesses, and homes is now something that is seriously considered for its many benefits. There are experts who can answer questions like is solar power sustainable? Or explain the science behind how is solar energy a renewable resource. […]

Need to Build a Retaining Wall? Here are a Few Tips

According to Home Advisor, Seattle Washington is the city with the most retaining walls in the United States. One of the reasons for this particular trend probably has to do with the amount of rain that the Pacific North West gets on a yearly basis. Retaining walls are structures designed to restrain soil and unnatural […]

An Interview with Wichman Landscape Construction’s Jeff Wichman

The wild success of Wichman Landscape Construction has not gone unnoticed by the many Pittsburgh natives who have called upon Jeff Wichman to add structure and style to their outdoor spaces. He took a few moments out of his busy schedule to talk with us about the peaks and pitfalls of owning his own business. […]