Four Characteristics of the Best Home Window Cleaning Companies


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When you hire a cleaning service for your windows, it’s important to find a reputable company to ensure that the best work is done. Here are four qualities that you should look for when shopping home window cleaning companies:


    When you’re looking for a company, make sure to find one that specializes in residential window cleaning. Residential window cleaning companies are used to dealing with landscaping, home furnishings and pets, while commercial businesses aren’t. Commercial pressure washing equipment also might be too strong for residential window cleaning, so you’re just better off going with people who are equipped and trained to deal with homes.


    You always want to look locally when it comes to window cleaning. Find a business that’s been in the area for at least five years and only provides service to homes no further than 20 miles from where you live. This is often a sign that they’re going to be in your area for a while as a business, so if you need to make a cleaning agreement or contact them about damages or warranties, they’ll still be around.


    You want a cleaning contractor who’s reliable, but this can be a little harder to tell up front. Companies who are willing to lock in a price (or at least a price range) before starting a job are usually good ones. They won’t charge you more for unforeseen challenges that show up during the cleaning process. Giving your cleaners a price range also means they’ll cut fewer corners to get the job done.


    The license and accreditation process differs from state to state, so make sure your cleaner is allowed to work in your area. Hiring a company without proper licensing or accreditation puts your home at risk and can be a recipe for disaster. Shop around until you find someone who’d done the work to establish a good business.

These qualities go for most services, from driveway sealing to gutter cleaning. Don’t settle until you find the best company for your home.
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