Three Reasons to Install Vinyl Windows


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UPDATED 2/15/21

Installing new windows are a great way to freshen up the exterior of a house and maximize the natural lighting of your home. Just like a new entry door can brighten up your home, replacing old windows with new can make a major impact. Looking into a vinyl windows company might be a great option if you want to install low cost, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing new windows. Vinyl sliding windows have become increasingly popular and they come in both fixed or operable styles. Fixed windows can be defined as units that don’t move and are mounted in a frame. They don’t ventilate the space, but are a great source of light and good for a room with a view. Some examples of these are octagonal or half-circle windows–they’re more decorative in style. The operable windows are able to be opened or closed to let air in–they all have hardware that lets you open and close the sash, latch the window, and lock it. These are most commonly found in bedrooms or bathrooms.

Why Vinyl Windows?

Although vinyl has gotten a bad rap in the past for looking cheap, you’ll find that any vinyl windows company has been stepping up their game. New vinyl comes in a wide variety of styles and colors that are fade-resistant. A faux grain window can be a cheaper alternative to wooden windows and are also much lighter to move or install. Good quality vinyl comes with additives that shield the windows from brittleness, yellowing, or fading. If you live in an area that has extreme elements–wind, snow, sun, etc., considering vinyl is a good option for your windows.
Low Maintenance
Vinyl is also fairly low maintenance–because it doesn’t rot or corrode, replacing vinyl is much less frequent than replacing wood or metal. This also conserves considerable resources. Vinyl is also easy to clean off and you don’t need harsh chemicals or other products frequently. You also won’t have to worry about termites or air pollution impacting your vinyl windows. It holds its finish well and won’t chip away or flake as the years go on, like other natural materials.
Environmentally Friendly
Did you know that vinyl is also environmentally friendly? It’s made from polyvinyl chloride (commonly referred to as PVC). PVC is an energy-saver and reduces carbon monoxide emissions into the atmosphere. Another perk of PVC is that it doesn’t need as much energy to be manufactured–indeed, 20% less than other kinds of plastic. Additionally, the hollow nature of PVC keeps them heat loss resistant and free from any condensation.

Many customers get vinyl replacement windows. Some of the most effective storm windows are specifically vinyl clad storm windows. Vinyl is a strong material that is more resistant to moisture and other hazards than many of the other materials that are used to make windows of all kinds, including storm windows.
Even if people don’t get vinyl casement replacement windows, they can still get windows that use some vinyl. Professional vinyl window makers should have both types of products available.

The best quality vinyl replacement windows will help people all throughout the year, and not just when there’s a storm approaching. These windows can actually help people dramatically lower their household energy expenses every day. Windows like these were designed to retain heat more easily, helping people maintain the interior temperature of their homes more consistently in all seasons.

People won’t have to worry about their vinyl windows getting scratched easily either, which is absolutely a problem with wooden windows of all kinds. Some vinyl windows can look as if they’re made from wood anyway. In those cases, the vinyl windows will always seem like they were constructed using completely new wood.

Go talk to a vinyl windows company about considering a vinyl window replacement or vinyl window installation, if you’re looking into updating your windows. They’ll be able to show you the newest products on the market and answer any questions you may have about installation, costs, and the benefits of using vinyl windows. You can search for local vinyl windows companies online or in your local phone book. It may be wise to come prepared with window measurements or a photograph of the room where you want to install the windows, in order to make the process easier. All in all, vinyl windows are an excellent investment for your house and property.

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