Three Easy Painting Hacks From the Experts


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Painting is one of the most common home updates and part of most remodeling projects since it’s relatively easy to do and is pretty inexpensive — even if you choose to hire house painting services. If you do choose to paint your house yourself, here are a few tried and true painting hacks that all painting contractors know to make the job go a little more smoothly.

1. Use a tinted primer.
Most of the time, it’s good practice to apply one to a few layers of a primer before applying your paint color to help even out the color, hide stains, and prep the walls for color. Commercial painters say that using a tinted primer rather than a white or off white primer is going to make your color even more vibrant and will probably require fewer coats.

2. Paint at the right temperature.
Another painting hack that painting contractors know is to paint at the right temperature. There’s a reason there’s a saying that likens doing something boring to watching paint dry, and it’s because waiting for paint to dry can be a lengthy and uneventful process. For the best drying times it’s best not to paint in temperatures lower than 60 degrees or higher than 90 degrees.

3. Use a roller grid instead of a pan.
One of the difficulties of painting is getting the paint on a roller evenly and keeping drips and spills from happening in the process, and this has everything to do with the tools that you’re using. Rather than using a paint can and a roller pan, experts prefer to use a five gallon bucket and a roller grid. They hold more paint than roller pans do and don’t tip over very often.

Do you know any cool hacks for painting a house? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!

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