The Secret To Visually Compelling Linoleum Flooring Installation


Carpeting tips

Carpeting covers just about all floors (70% in fact). Hardwood is similarly popular, with at least 34% of homeowners revealing that they plan to install hardwood flooring in the future. But these aren’t the only options. In fact, tile flooring is rapidly gaining ground — and for good reason. Certain types, such as linoleum, can last up to 40 years, and, with a little creativity, tile can be beautiful and striking, too. Here are just a few ideas:

Create A “Tile Rug”

Be strategic about linoleum flooring installation. While carpet may be a go-to choice in most U.S. dining rooms, many homeowners live to regret installing carpet in dining areas after a large gathering or two. There is a simple, effective solution — and one with a sophisticated, elegant look. Create an inlaid tile rug. Pick out a large, solid color for the bulk of the floor. Section off a carpet-sized area (around the dining room table, for example); craft a frame with tile and fill it in any way you like. Selecting smaller, more intricate tile pieces will more closely mimic the appearance of a true rug or carpet.

What Is Wood Tile?

What if you could have the best of both worlds? In other words, what if it was possible to have all of the durability of tile with sleek, attractive appearance of hardwood? Now, it is. “Wood-look tile is one of the latest trends these days for anywhere you might have a chance in getting water in your home. So, your kitchen, your bathroom, laundry room, even your basement,” NBC affiliate WNDU explains.

Tile Unlike Any Other

The possibilities are just about endless. The Wall Street Journal recommends pairing natural stone for a unique, but refined look. “Laying a watercolor-inspired design next to a dark-hued limestone tile,” for example, is a one-of-a-kind technique and one that can only be accomplished with tile or stone.

Hardwood and carpet are popular — but there’s no reason for these materials to be the only ones in our home. Tile installation, such as linoleum flooring installation, can be just as effective (sometimes more effective) and just as visually striking.

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