What Makes Wood Fencing So Great, Anyways?


Updated 2/17/2021

When you need fencing around a building, there is a wide range of types to choose from. Choosing a thick fence that doesn’t allow for people to see in has a few options. For example, there are wood fences that can work perfectly for this purpose. There is also the iron fence that is sturdy and durable. Getting a brown wrought iron fence is a great way to get good fencing that will last a long time as well as looking elegant and unusual. These fences are perfect for front yards and look great anywhere they are built.

When you are building a backyard fence, also consider a bulk privacy fence if you are interested in more privacy. This is a great way to keep an area private if you like to entertain or have kids who want to play in the yard. You can buy cheap fence panels and install them yourself if you are physically able to do so. A fence that you build yourself can be custom built so that it is put exactly where you want it and shaped just the way you want it to be. It’s a good way to get the fence you want without paying a lot for it.


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Now that it’s summer, homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to improve their yards, and finding wood fences as the answer. Though residential fencing might not seem to be the best investment at first, there are a few reasons why so many build them around their yards. Here are just a few.

Wood Fences Provide a Decent Return on Investment.

One of the main reasons wood fences make for such great investments is that they provide an ROI of between 25-50%, which means that unlike other home improvements, homeowners can expect to make about half of their investment back upon sale of the property. Although this may not sound like such a great deal, other investments simply don’t offer ROIs as good as wood fences. What’s more, wood fencing is also cost-efficient, costing only about

Wood Fences Make Yards More Comfortable.

Perhaps the biggest reason why so many homeowners invest in wood fences is because they significantly improve yards. First of all, they make yards feel more secluded, more private. This creates a more intimate feeling, making yards all the more enjoyable. Secondly, they can keep unwanted guests out, making yards more secure for children and pets. Third, they can even act as sound barriers if constructed the right way.

Wood Fences Increase Curb Appeal.

Wood fences also increase the curb appeal of property. In other words, they make houses more appealing to those who pass by. This might seem like such a big deal, but it’s incredibly important when trying to sell a house. It’s much tougher to sell a property no one notices. With an attractive wood fence, the house will not only catch the eye of more people, but also entice them to checkout the property.

These are just a few reasons why so many homeowners invest in wood fences. If you have any questions about these cost efficient, quality home improvements, feel free to share in the comments.

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