What You Need to Know About Planning Your Next Landscaping Project

Before you dig up a single shovelful of dirt, you want to plan out your landscaping projects. This will both save money and time while leaving you with exactly what you wanted in the first place. So if you want to do landscaping, plan it out. If you like working in the yard, look into […]

What Makes Wood Fencing So Great, Anyways?

Updated 2/17/2021 When you need fencing around a building, there is a wide range of types to choose from. Choosing a thick fence that doesn’t allow for people to see in has a few options. For example, there are wood fences that can work perfectly for this purpose. There is also the iron fence that […]

Travertine If It Was Good For the Romans, It’s Good For Us

When it comes to floor coverings, Americans prefer hard surfaces over soft, by far. In 2011 for example, a good 67% of floor replacement jobs used hard surface materials such as hardwood and stone as opposed to soft materials such as carpeting and wool. The year before, about 39% of hard surface materials were sold […]