Ridiculous Robberies and Bungled Burglaries


Commercial doors

Close to 30% of all home burglaries (which occur once every 13 seconds) are because of unlocked residential windows and doors. Before you start looking into steel windows and steel doors, check out some of these weird robberies. (And be thankful that they probably won’t happen to you!)

At least you know he’s got money. – After three Columbus, Ohio men robbed a home, one of them came back after escaping to ask the owner of the house out on a date. She recognized him immediately and he was arrested in the front yard.

I guess his luck ran out. – When a New Mexico man stole over a dozen pieces of jewelry and over $1000 in cash, you’d think he’d be glad to have gotten away with it. But three years later, the victim of the robbery received all of her goods in a package in the mail, along with a note from the robber, detailing the horrible luck he’d gotten since robbing her.

Kind of a funny story. – As a couple went about their usual business in their home, they had no idea that there was a burglar in the upstairs bedroom. Well, they did find out eventually, when a particularly funny joke caused him to giggle from upstairs. (Another reason to invest in steel windows.)

Thanks for the hint. – When a 21-year-old man was caught on film breaking into a car, the police had no trouble finding him. Not because they caught his face, as one may think, but because he had his name and birthday tattooed on his neck.

I can’t believe you’d do this to me! – A Pennsylvania man was so angry, he threatened to file a complaint against a local bank. Why? Because when he tried to rob them, they didn’t have enough cash on hand. Where do I even begin?

Whether you’ve recently had a break-in, or just want to prepare yourself to be as safe as possible, check out the steel window manufacturers near you. Steel window manufacturers will have many options for you to choose the steel windows and doors that are right for your home. (And will help to keep out these pesky apologetic burglars.)

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