Going Green The Secrets Of Organic Lawncare


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In many ways, your lawn is the first impression you make to strangers visiting your home. A beautiful lawn sets the tone for your home, adds value to your property, and heightens the overall appearance of the surrounding area. But often, we find ourselves sacrificing health and safety for looks. There is, however, a way to have both beauty and quality through an organic lawncare service.

Lawncare Treatment Of The Past

Nobody would deny that lawncare treatment is unavoidable. Pests can ruin not only the appearance but the growth of your lawn, and people spend millions each year on synthetic treatments. Pesticides seem, on the surface, minimal and non-invasive. The reality is harshly different.

The Dark Side Of Pesticide Use

Shockingly enough, world-wide deaths and disease linked to pesticide poisoning are as high as 1 million each year. Synthetic pesticides often contain carcinogens, and can result in birth defects, reproductive problems, or damage to your livers and kidneys. They are used to control not only insects, but weeds, diseases, and larger pests; however, what many don’t realize is that there is an alternative to synthetic pesticides. This alternative is called organic lawn treatment.

Organic Lawncare Service: The Safer, More Natural Option

Pesticide free lawncare is more accessible than you would think, with the materials used being as near as your own backyard. Grasscycling, a process that leaves grass clippings on your yard, decimates the need for nitrogen — based fertilizers. Similarly, compost tea fosters grass beds with root lengths two to four times longer on average!

Your Lawn Will Thank You!

The purpose of pesticides is to kill, and harmless, beneficial creatures like earthworms often suffer just as much as pests do. The beauty and health of your lawn is dependent on soil, and soil is in turn dependent on “good” organisms like earthworms. The options provided by an organic lawncare service are meant to nurture growth, and will beautify your lawn without harming the helpful existing life.

In conclusion, a pesticide free lawn service is exactly what you need when faced with a damaged yard. With natural alternatives available, why would you ever turn to synthetic treatments? You can rest easy knowing that while your lawn is beautifully maintained, it’s not at the cost of your personal health and well-being.

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