Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Landscaping and Hardscaping


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So, what is hardscaping? You know that landscaping is modifying the flora and fauna to create a more pleasing view. Hardscaping is when a contractor modifies the non-living outdoor living spaces, such as the front walkways; back patio; retaining walls; or any other hard materials. Improving the look of the lawn and patio, so to speak, can benefit a homeowner in several ways.

Boost Outer Appearances.

If you plan to sell your home, spending 5% of its total worth on landscaping can up the asking price by 15%. According to Home and Garden Television, or HGTV, the key things to keep in mind are to choose a vocal point; think about access paths, and to choose the right plant for the right spot.

Planning things out ahead of time is best if you plan to go at it alone. Balancing the different components is key to achieving the look you want. Harmony between the pathways, windows, and of course plants is what makes a yard look fabulous.

Functionality and Form.

Placing a beautiful lush tree near a window or wall does more than improve the look of the yard. The American Public Power Association has found that doing so can lower air conditioning costs by as much as 50%. Not bad for an addition that beautifies the place.

What is hardscaping going to contribute in terms of style? Smart hardscape design takes into consideration drainage requirements when planning. Done well, a homeowner can collect the runoff water for their other plants so as to minimize waste. And hardscape design elements do not have to be flat. Stairs and raised garden beds can add charm to an otherwise typical backyard.

Environmental Benefits.

Do you or someone in your immediate family have allergies? A cultivated lawn can reduce allergens such as ragweed. And the U.S. Environment Protection Agency has found that trees reduce noise in populated environments, and can add more amiable sounds (if you like bird song).

What is hardscaping going to contribute to the environment? Design elements that need no water, or can conserve water for later use, are valuable in today’s changing climate. A garden made of specially chosen rocks and boulders is just as beautiful according to some aesthetics as a flower garden. And it requires no water.

Smart landscape and hardscape designs have multiple benefits. Not only is the outside appearance of your home improved, careful planning can actually improve your bottom line. Whether you plan to sell your house one day, or want to gain from the resulting environmental benefits, consider what you can gain from renovation.

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