What To Remember When Getting a New Fence


Decorative fences

If you’re thinking about getting a new fence, there’s probably a ton of things you’re on the fence about. With so many fence styles to choose from, there’s no end to the options you can choose for the newest addition to your home. When looking at fences for homes, consider the following:

Purpose – What are you getting the fence for? If it’s for privacy or keeping your pets/kids safe in the yard, you may want to look at a tall, sturdy wooden privacy fence. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more decorative, so you can show off for the neighbors, then maybe you should look into an elegant wrought-iron or aluminum fence. If the fence will be for a pool, you’ll want to look into water-proofing options as well. Which brings us to…

Care – Wooden fences have posts that are vulnerable to wet and dry rot. Without proper maintenance and sealing, your fence could be in big trouble. If you anticipate that maintenance will be an issue, look at aluminum chain-link fencing, which will be less susceptible to weather damage. (This kind of fencing is also great for pets, since they can see out into the world and won’t feel so cooped up.)

Design – Fences for homes are usually the first thing people see. You want your fence to say the right thing about your home and your style. If you like to keep up with the Jones’, consider going with the classic Americana white picket fence. If you’ve got a spectacular garden you’d like to display, look at the possibility of a delicate wrought-iron fence with lots of filigree. The possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re looking for privacy, or just a little flair for your home or garden, a new fence is the thing for you. Visit your local fence installation companies to compare prices and materials, and get started on your new upgrade today!

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