Why Tile May Be The Perfect Answer To Your Flooring Needs


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Although carpeting is a popular flooring option, in recent years it’s become less popular due to issues like allergens, staining, and expensive and frequent deep cleanings. As recently as 2010, 39% of hard surface flooring was sold for commercial purposes; in comparison, 25% of carpets and rugs were sold for the same reasons. In fact, two … thirds of homeowner replacement jobs in 2011 used hard surface materials.

Hardwood is a popular option for common living areas, and many prefer its traditional, sometimes even vintage appearance. While hardwood can be expensive, its alternatives can be found in vinyl. Vinyl gives a similar appearance to hardwood, but is much less expensive, both to install and to keep clean.

Perhaps more “personalized” alternative sin terms of both color and quality is tile. Tile is often used in kitchens, bathrooms, and even outdoor areas. It, like hardwood, gives an antiqued appearance to flooring and can come in a variety of colors, often evoking a European flair. One thing that often holds people back when considering tile and other, similar options is the tile and grout sealing involved.

While tile and grout sealing aren’t can be time consuming, with the initial sealant having to be reapplied every one to two hours, the process itself isn’t that difficult and can be done without the aid of professionals. This ease doesn’t only extend to tile and grout sealing, but almost everything that has to do with tile. A tile can be replaced or repaired in under 30 minutes, and grout cleaning can be done with a simple solution of one — third white wine vinegar to two … thirds water, though professional can provide other tile cleaning products.

You often hear about hardwood floors being restored, but it’s important to know that tile floor restoration can also be accomplished. Many older homes have tile floors that need some tiles repaired or restored, and reclaiming antique tiles has become trendy in recent years. Another possible avenue is travertine restoration. Travertine is similar to tile, but unlike ceramic tile, is made of limestone that’s had extra heat and pressure applied to its surface.

Another hard surface flooring option is terrazzo. Terrazzo is made from chips of materials ranging from marble to quartz or glass and sealed with a binder. The advantages of terrazzo include the fact that it lacks the grout of tile, and thus can be cleaned a bit more easily!

Ultimately, however, little can replace the classic and animated look of tile and travertine! Both are beautiful flooring options that would suit almost any home and homeowner. Though the choice if yours, they can easily be customized to suit your tastes, and you won’t regret this selection.

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