Hamburglar or Home Burglar, They’re Not Getting In!


Commercial replacement door

When opportunity knocks, it’s best to throw that door wide open and run through after that opportunity, tackle it if you have to. But what happens if that door isn’t properly installed? Maybe the door budges, or the lock sticks, and you’re left wondering what life could have looked like, if only you had been able to get through that door to exciting opportunity. So maybe you leave installing a door to the professionals, particularly if you’re looking at the commercial door locks of your business. After all, you don’t want to be left calling a locksmith to get keys duplicated for commercial locks that don’t work on a faulty door. You want an inviting business that people feel free and comfortable coming and going, not one that leaves them fumbling to get the door open.

Installing a door properly for safety reasons

Whether it’s to ensure the security of your business, or for the peace of mind everyone desires in their own home, installing a door the right way keeps in what you want to keep safe and keeps out the things that threaten it. In the United States, every 13 seconds marks another home robbery. That’s 2 million residential robberies reported in American every year. And in 34% of these break-ins, robbers gain access to the house right through the front door. It stands to reason then, that not only should there be careful attention applied to the frame, hinges, latch and the strength of the door itself, but the locks are a significant safety feature as well. It is estimated that in at the very least 10% of homes, deadbolts could be installed incorrectly, thus giving thieves and burglars easier access into a house. Another factor that could help keep unwanted visitors out would be using different types of keys and lock systems, making a break-in more difficult for the average burglar.

Opening that door metaphor
Beyond the obvious safety measures of having a properly installed door in your home or business, the image of a door is appealing to many. While a closed door could denote a hint of mystery, a door standing open signifies so much promise. Just as you would want a safe and secure entryway into any building, wouldn’t you prefer a smooth transition in any setting? Be it the metaphor of a new stage in your life, chasing that opportunity that ding-dong-ditched, or closing the door on a chapter of your life you are finished with, a door can indicate any number of things. So whatever a door means to you, and whether it is physical or metaphysical, just be sure it is built correctly.

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