Don’t Sweat It, Properly Care for Your HVAC System


While many people would rather not have to hire an HVAC specialist, sometimes you just have to look for “AC heating and cooling near me” when you are in a bind and require a quick fix to your AC heating and cooling unit.

It is possible to save some money on those labor costs by simply getting in touch with your HVAC specialists during the off-season for HVAC repairs. Some heating and cooling companies spend this time of year focusing on the AC HVAC training that their newer employees need, and you might offer your unit as something they can work on at a reduced rate to give them some good training experience while also saving you some money. It is an innovative way for you to benefit as the owner of the HVAC unit, but it is also a way for the company to train its new employees. In the end, you both win. Thus, you might consider allowing for this as long as you aren’t afraid of what a less seasoned HVAC repair person could do to your unit. Generally speaking, they are still highly trained and capable of handling these issues, so you shouldn’t be too overly concerned, and you may save some money.

Air conditioning service

HVAC systems are certainly a blessing to many, especially during those particularly hot summer days or if you live or own a business in an area that often has a sweltering climate. Sometimes fans just won’t cut it and you need to install an air conditioner for your home or place of business. An air conditioning contractor can help you select the HVAC system that is right for you, install it, and take care of any ac repair service or air conditioning maintenance you may need down the road. If you’re ready to install a system, find a full service HVAC company and air conditioning contractor to help you with all you need along the way.

Energy Use of Air Conditioners

Air conditioning has become a popular amenity in the home, with two thirds of all United States homes now having an air conditioner. Regular air conditioners use nearly 5% of all the electricity produced throughout the United States, which accounts for $11 billion a year to homeowners. However, high efficiency air conditioners now exist and can reduce energy use by 20% to 50% while still keeping your home and family cooled down on hot days. Even taking advantage of ac services and and having parts of the HVAC system replaced that are 15 years old or more can reduce the amount of energy used. ENERGY STAR certified air conditioning units are 15% more efficient than conventional models.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keeping up to date with the maintenance of your air conditioning service is of vital importance as well. It is estimated that since many people do not have their air conditioning units serviced or replaced that 20% of homes built during the 1980s are harboring 20 year old equipment, or more. In addition, only 42% of the people who currently own a central air unit have it serviced annually, as suggested. There were an estimated 7,400 structure fires in the United States that were related to poorly maintained or broken air conditioners, fans and related equipment in 2010. If an air conditioning unit is serviced regularly, maintained and repaired, tragedies such as this can be prevented.

Over time, the air conditioning equipment becomes less and less efficient. HVAC systems often have a longer physical life than economic life. If an air conditioner is not working properly, perhaps due to broken parts of leaky ducts, it often leads to an excess of humidity within the home. A sign of leaky ducts is excessive dust around the pipes or area of the air conditioning unit. Contact an air conditioning contractor when these signs arise and also to have your unit serviced once a year.


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