6 Tips to Help You Get the Most from Your Home Remodeling Job



Remodeling and redesign projects are popular around the United States. Part of the reason so many people are interested in remodeling and redesign jobs is that homes across the United States are older houses. At least 85% of houses around the country were built before 1980. One thing that keeps people from starting these projects is the time it takes to complete them. In 2015, 38% of homeowners admitted that the thing that got them to start working on remodeling projects when they found they had enough time. The next biggest thing that keeps people from starting these projects is that homeowners wait to call in the contractors until they have the ability to pay for the job they want done.

There are things you can do to make your experience with the contractors doing your renovations better:

  1. Set a budget. Before you set out on any big project, you need to know how much you are going to be able to spend on it. Before you call the contractor, take a good, hard look at your finances. Look at your debts and how much money you have coming in and going out each month. Come up with a budget for what you want to spend on your home remodeling project and stick to it. This may mean you cannot do everything you want to do but it will prevent you from spending more than you want to spend.
  2. Make a plan. Try to think about your future needs. Are you planning to have a family? Think about how many bedrooms you have and how many you may need. You may have some space that can be converted into a bedroom and bathroom. If you have aging parents and you think they may come to live with you, setting up a guest house in your back yard may be something to look into. Write down all that you know you need done right away but also put together a wish list for the jobs you would like to take care if in the future.
  3. Have your electrical panel redone. As was noted, most homes in the United States were built before 1980. The power requirements were much different then. New appliances require the three pronged outlets and we all have a myriad of electronic devices that need to be charged. It has been estimated that at least 35% of all homeowners who are remodeling their homes are redoing the entire place. If that sounds like you, you should talk to your contractors about what to do to upgrade and update your wiring and electrical panel.
  4. Consider making upgrades to your windows, doors and siding. New energy efficient windows can dramatically decrease the amount of energy you use to heat and cool your home. The same can be said for your doors and the siding on your home. In the long run, making these changes to your home can pay for themselves as they will reduce your utility bills. Talk to your contractor about any tax rebates that may be available for these upgrades.
  5. Have the contractor install good exhaust fans. This is one area that you can do a lot of good for your home. If you include an attic fan, if you have an attic, you can cut your air conditioning bills because it is easy to cool a home down by using an attic fan. Exhaust fans in the bathroom can dry out the area to prevent the development of mold and other issues. You can get quiet fans that you will hardly know are running when you use them. This may not be the most exciting change to make to your home but it will make a big difference.
  6. Get the right thermostat. Newer thermostats can be programmed remotely. Another great feature is that new thermostats and HVAC systems can be set to heat or cool only certain areas of your home. If your bedrooms are on the second floor and no one is on the first floor at night, you can limit your heating and cooling to that area.

Working with your contractor, you can really turn your house into your dream home with some planning.

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