Save Up To 25% On Your Monthly Energy Bill By Switching To Double-Paned Windows


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How often do you think about your home’s windows? In a busy day going to work and taking care of your kids, it’s probably not often. However, it’s more than likely you think about bills and all the ways you can budget and save money when your payments add up every month. If you’ve noticed your energy bill is too high and are tired of trying to find solutions to your faulty air conditioning, you may have a problem with your home windows. When it comes to saving energy and maintaining the integrity of your home, the solution still lies in quality commercial window replacement.

Homeowners And Renovation Plans

The average homeowner is always looking for ways to improve their home. According to a recent survey, two-thirds of American homeowners are planning on renovating — this can include commercial window replacement, installing a new doorknob or just switching out the filters in the air conditioning system. Vinyl siding is a popular renovation choice for most homes, costing around 11% less than conventional cedar siding and almost 27% less than aluminum siding.

Product Quality And Lifespan

You’re likely worried you could be putting too much money into a product that doesn’t last. Thankfully, windows can last a long time. Replacing a window costs anywhere from $300 to $700, but keep them properly maintained and they can see a lifespan of up to 20 years. Dual-paned windows are considered two times as effective at retaining heat and air conditioning compared to single-pane windows. When you look at your monthly energy bill and wonder where all the extra dollars seem to come from, it’s likely due to your windows.

Energy Bills And Savings

Is your energy bill far too high? It might be time for some replacement windows. Air regularly escapes through the cracks in-between poorly installed windows and over time can wreak havoc on your monthly budget. According to surveys conducted by the Department of Energy, nearly 50% of the average energy bill goes straight to heating — this is regardless of season, meaning most homeowners would stand to benefit from a better set of windows in their home. For half of the Americans who rely on natural gas for heat, the average cost was just below $650.

Contacting A Window Company

There’s no reason to keep paying extra on your energy bill. If you want to save up to 15% every year, contacting a window company for a commercial window replacement will do the dual work of bolstering your home’s quality and retaining temperature. According to the National Association Of Realtors, homeowners who choose to replace their windows with better models will get 80% back on their investment should they choose to put their home up for market. Likewise, drafty and poorly installed windows can boost your energy bill by an astonishing 25%. For the best windows money can buy, residential window installation companies have your back.

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