Everything You Need to Know About Peel and Stick Tile


Glass wall tile

When homeowners remodel, the bathroom and the kitchen are the two most commonly remodeled rooms in the home. They are also the two rooms that provide the highest return on investment when trying to sell a home. While you can bring in a home remodel company and pay thousands of dollars to get the kitchen of your dreams, you can save time, money, and the frustration of working with a contractor and do it yourself.

While there are plenty of over-the-top fancy pants DIY project ideas on websites like Pinterest, there are much easier and proven ways to get the look you are going for. One of the easiest DIY projects you will ever encounter is peel and stick tile.

You can find tile for the kitchen or the bathroom, and for the walls or the floor. You can choose a beautiful mosaic bathroom backsplash or glass tiles for the kitchen. Peel and stick tile is available in an almost endless array of colors and styles.

There are peel and stick options for show wall tile and shower floor tile; there are also options for the tile bathroom countertop or the kitchen backsplash. You don’t have to be a professional, but the room will look like a professional did it. You don’t have to worry about difficult or customized cutting like you do with ceramic tile.

The hardest part of the project will be measuring the room to ensure you have enough tile for the entire project. As the name suggests, the adhesive is already on the back of the tile. You simply peel the covering away and stick the tile where you want it to go. Keep in mind the adhesive is strong, so you want to be sure before you start sticking the tile to the wall or floor.

When doing a backsplash, you can start at one end and start sticking the tile in place until you get to the other end. When tiling a floor, you actually want to start in the center and work your way across the room one way, and then go back to the center and work your away across the room the other way. This may require more cutting around the edges, but it will provide the most even overall look.

Peel and stick tile also allows you to mix and match the tiles and create fun, vibrant patterns. When working with peel and stick mosaic tile, once it is installed, you can go over it with grout filling in all the spaces, so it will look like you spent weeks creating the beautful mosaic by hand.

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