Landscaping is More than Just a Good Look for Your House


Lawn and patio

Almost everyone has seen a home that has been done over by a beautiful landscape design and installation. If you have ever watched one of those home improvement shows on television, you very likely have seen what can happen when a homeowner invests in the landscaping element of her home.

We see the before and, for dramatic purposes, that before is something quite awful. Then, after several days of work, the hosts of the show reveal to the owner, who has somehow been able to be out of town for the entire process, an amazing transformation of her yard and the home as a whole.

The expert hosts also show the owner how what they have done with the landscape design benefits the house overall. They show how the design has made drainage more environmentally friendly, how the shade from the trees can be useful in lowering energy costs, and how the yard is now more usable for the family in general.

Hockessin DE lawn care companies have been engaged in landscape planting design and landscape planting ideas for decades. The landscape contractors who work in the area have been perfecting the art of landscape design, making every home they work on a brilliant work of art.

The types of design that Hockessin DE lawn care companies and landscapers employ make homes more beautiful and decorative, to be sure. But, what they also do is make homes much more efficient than they otherwise would have been. For, example, a quality landscaping design can actually help reduce a homeowner’s air conditioning costs by up to 50%. According to American Public Power, this is accomplished by planting a few, specifically chosen trees in places that will shade certain windows and walls. American Forests states that trees can reduce temperatures by as much as nine degrees Fahrenheit.

One tree can provide almost $275 a year in air conditioning, wildlife shelter, erosion and storm water control, and pollution fighting benefits. Hockessin DE lawn care companies that are showing homeowners the benefits of quality landscaping are showing them new ways to be able to enjoy their yards. Many people have felt that they simply do not have the right kind of yard to benefit from landscaping and that is rarely, if ever, the case.

In addition to showing homeowners how to enjoy their newly landscaped homes, Hockessin DE lawn care companies are also giving owners a real boost in the value of their homes. According to Money Magazine, quality landscaping can bring an ROI of 100% to 200% when it comes time for the homeowner to put that home on the market to sell.

When you watch those landscaping and home improvement shows on television, the payoff for the producers is the reveal. Everyone wants to stay around until the end of the show in order to see how the project turned out. If you have a home in need of landscaping, that feeling that you get from watching the shows on television could be the very feelings you get about your own yard. Give your landscape professional a call today.

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