This is What Can Happen to Your Home if You Put Off Heating and Cooling Repairs


Furnace repair

Although your home’s heating and cooling systems play a vital role in the daily life of your household, it’s probably not the most important thing on your mind. Of course, that quickly changes the minute something goes wrong and you suddenly find yourself without heat or air conditioning when you need it most. Yikes.

HVAC systems don’t always have to be on your mind, but heating and air conditioning maintenance should at least be in the back of your mind. This is especially true as the seasons change and breakdowns are likely to happen. It’s important to remember that if you take good care of your home’s heating and cooling systems, it will take good of your and your household for a long time.

Seasonal maintenance of your home’s heating and cooling systems is more important than you think, and here’s what can happen if you don’t take the time to schedule local HVAC services.

You might find it hard to breathe…literally

Heating and cooling systems do a lot more than just heat or cool a home. Did you know that your home’s HVAC system also acts as one big air purifier? HVAC systems are designed to remove allergens, pollen, dust, irritants and other impurities from the air your family breathes. This is especially important for members of your household that suffer from allergies or those who have difficulty breathing. Changing or cleaning your air filter per the manufacturer’s guidelines can help everyone in your home breathe easy.

You might be super uncomfortable

Would you rather have no heat on a freezing cold day or no air conditioning on a hot and humid summer day? Neither situation sounds like much fun, and both have the potential to be quite dangerous. Children, seniors, and those living with certain medical conditions are especially sensitive to temperature extremes, so it’s important to do your part to avoid a complete system failure. Although some breakdowns are simply out of your control, scheduling regular HVAC maintenance is in your control and doing so can help you avoid an other avoidable breakdown or malfunction.

Your utility bill with be sky high

As if poor quality and the dangers of a breakdown aren’t bad enough, but putting off heating and cooling maintenance can send your utility bill soaring. Heating and cooling systems that aren’t properly maintained will operate inefficiently, which uses more fuel and therefore costs more money. And if that’s not bad enough, the inefficiency of your HVAC system directly impacts your carbon footprint. Now that’s a lose-lose situation!

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