Fantastic Energy Saving Tips For The Winter Season



Did you know maintenance and outright replacements can go hand-in-hand?

With winter knocking on your door and bills clamoring for your attention, it’s understandable to go straight for what can save you the most money. A quick repair job can buff out any issues your commercial generators are showing without putting you too far out of pocket. Sometimes, however, you need to spend money to make money. Many residential generators, air conditioners and furnaces in American households are woefully out-of-date and costing you big bucks right under your own nose. A replacement costs a little more up front, but the cash you’ll save down the road is well worth the effort.

Save some cash for the holiday season by making sure your commercial generators or central cooling system is up to snuff.

The first step you need to take with generator installation is to call professional generator services to look over your system. Even the most avid do-it-yourself homeowners is going to have a rough time spotting more insidious issues with their central air conditioning, especially if it’s an older model. Air conditioners use up to 5% of all electricity in the country, which should give you a good idea as to the impact it has on your own home. Switching to a high-efficiency air conditioner instead of sticking with the one you got can reduce energy costs by 50%.

Your central air conditioner is a complex piece of hardware and can cause you a lot of trouble without you realizing. Airflow problems have been found to reduce an HVAC system’s efficiency by over 15%, draining energy while simultaneously costing you money. Leaky ducts are notoriously hard for the casual eye to spot and are responsible for not just wasted funds, but reduced safety. Electrical fires cost over $1 billion per year in property damage, so make sure to invest in a check-up at least once per year to keep yourself covered.

Maybe an old air conditioner or faulty commercial generators aren’t your problem. A furnace is a great resource to use on a cold winter night, but just like any other heating system it’s prone to its own unique issues. A furnace that’s over seven years old should be looked at closely for signs of damage. Just like an air conditioner needs its filters switched out on a regular basis, so too does a furnace need to be constantly cleaned so you’re not dirtying up your air and wasting your hard-earned money. What other methods can you dip into in order to reduce your energy bill and keep yourself in the green?

A programmable thermostat is a wonderful resource to use when it starts getting chilly. Pre-programmed settings can be adjusted at will to make sure your home doesn’t go beyond a certain temperature. This is vital if you have to leave your house for an extended period of time and aren’t able to modify your heater throughout the day. Studies have shown you can save nearly $200 per year by investing in a programmable thermostat that stops automatically. Cutting heating costs is as easy as setting your thermostat to 60 degrees or so while you’re on vacation.

Switching from an older model to an up-to-date system will go a long way in saving you money month after month. You have a reduced risk of electrical fire and will enjoy more consistent heating and cooling than you ever have before. A new HVAC system can be installed in less than a day and can last for over 10 years if taken good care of. Any homeowners eager to add a little eco-friendly support in their energy consumption can look toward EnergyStar certified models to check off all their personal boxes.

Generator preventative maintenance may be your ideal choice. When you need an outright replacement for your commercial generators? It may be just what the doctor ordered.

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