How to Plan for Overnight Guests without Stressing


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As the holiday season approaches, many people will be opening their doors to family and friends. The celebrations of the holidays mean an increase in overnight guests. This often puts a pressure to decorate better, clean deeper, and to improve the overall look of the house. You still have a couple of weeks before you can expect guests. Now is the time to prepare your home for all of those overnight guests.

Decorate for the holidays early
You don?t want to unbox all of your holiday decorations while you have guests over. It can get crowded and confusing. Instead, consider decorating for the holidays early. It is acceptable to hang some colorful lights and set up the holiday tree a couple of weeks early. Additionally, you might even get a better deal on the purchase of these items as they are not in as much of a demand yet. Depending on where you live, the weather is likely going to get colder too. Getting your outdoor decorating out of the way now can give you a relaxing and stress free holiday event.

Deep clean one room at a time
The holidays are all about decorating, cooking, and cleaning. You will find that you clean your house more than ever during these couple of months. You have to prepare for guests, clean up after guests, and then prepare again for the next holiday. If you find the cleaning chores to be overwhelming, consider deep cleaning one room at a time. It can also be helpful to hire a professional cleaning service to complete one of the tasks for you. Start with the guest bedroom and when you are finished deep cleaning, you can close the door and it is ready for its next guest.

Ensure you have proper lighting throughout the house
When you have a guest room that goes untouched for much of the year, it is possible that it requires some maintenance. One of the most common overlooked forms of maintenance is keeping up with lighting. Make sure you have up to date contemporary lighting for your guests. If they will be wrapping gifts or completing holiday crafts in the room during their stay, opt for high end lighting or lighting for projects, like Holtkotter lighting brands. Your guests will appreciate the extra attention and the upscale Holtkotter lighting.

Remember that the type of bulbs you use in existing lighting fixtures matters too. Fluorescent bulbs are five times more energy efficient than incandescent or halogen bulbs. Lighting like Holtkotter lighting can give them the extra brightness they desire. The efficiency of the Holtkotter lighting can help to control your energy bills during the month you have additional guests and numerous holiday lights running.

Prepare the dining room
The dining room is likely the most used room during the holiday season. This is where you will prepare, serve, and enjoy meals together with your guests. Make sure you use a good light source in this room. Bowery lighting is a great choice. But, you can work with your lighting company on choosing the best type of light for your specific dining room area. The brightest spot in the dining room should be the table. To draw people in, install a chandelier or pendant above the table. Limit the total wattage to about 100 for the most efficient lighting source. If you go with semi flush lights, make sure they hand about one foot or so from the ceiling.

As the holiday season gets closer, you will find that you are spending a lot of time preparing for overnight guests. Making these preparations as early as possible can reduce some of the stress. It is also important to keep lighting needs in mind. You will use a lot of lighting during the season, so it is best to find a way to improve lighting while also being energy efficient.

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