Welders, Cutters And Solderers Are In High Demand The Bureau Of Labor Statistics’ Future Estimates


Purging equipment for welding

How are your tools faring?

Welding and repair are only as good as your non magnetic tools. Becoming familiar with materials that last and purging equipment that gets the job done will save you many a crook in your neck as you go from project to project. The United States is in serious demand for more engineers and welders over the next decade, to both fill in gaps by retiring workers and to keep up with manufacturing increases in a growing industry. Should you make the plunge you’ll find a career field that’s as dynamic as it is fruitful. Brush up on your know-how by looking below and learning about the state of welding in America.

Before we look into the function of a pipe alignment clamp or purge kits, let’s go back a little and learn about the development of this irreplaceable skill set. The earliest known recording of welding was all the way back in 3500 B.C. This has been found in countless cultures ranging from Europe to the Middle East, with enough variations to make it a flexible and dynamic technique constantly open to invention. One of the most iconic creations from welding is found in Delhi, India, a pillar that still stands today as a living relic of history.

Welding is what holds the majority of the United States together. An estimated 50% of all products made in the country require the skill set of experienced welders. This, among many other reasons, is why the demand for manufacturers has only been on a steep increase. The U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics has projected gainful employment for welders, solderers, cutters and brazers to reach an impressive 412,000 in 2024. Knowing your way around a pipe alignment clamp is just the start of a bright and illustrious career field.

Manufacturing is the leading contributor to welding jobs, providing an estimated two out of three full-time positions on average. The American Welding Society has found over 500,000 welders employed at any given point in time. Although welding, cutting and soldering are classic skills that have been bolstered by modern technology, many manufacturing companies are still held back by lackluster tools or old-fashioned techniques that are unable to keep up with demand. It’s estimated thousands of dollars in labor are lost every year by companies sticking with the same pipe fitting methods.

A major aspect of being a successful welder is being familiar with the simple tools needed to keep each project seamless. The two types of available clamps for lifting sheet metal are the horizontal plate clamps and the vertical plate clamps. A pipe alignment clamp is exactly what it says on the tin — it’s a means for maintaining the highest amount of accuracy possible when linking pipes together. Pipe alignment tools also need to be made of the best and safest materials on the market. With eco-friendly initiatives only gaining steam, this is a part you can’t afford to miss.

Each metal has its own density, compatibility and flaws depending on the project. Beryllium copper is, as of now, the hardest and strongest of any copper alloy. It boasts a tensile strength of 1280 to even 1480 MPa. Non-magnetic titanium is considered 100% safe for use with either bio-medical or diagnostic imaging machines, such as MRIs. Over time you’ll become deeply acquainted with the best tools for the project so you can maintain your company’s standards as well as save yourself effort. Welding and soldering is only going to get more demanding from here. With good purge equipment and strong metals, both workers and companies can find a happy balance.

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