The Hidden Dangers of Radon Gas


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One of the scariest truths about radon is that it is odorless, colorless, and tasteless – so how are you supposed to tell that it’s in your home at all? Radon is a radioactive gas that leaks into your home in various ways, from your foundation to crawl spaces, and wreaks havoc on your body in unimaginable ways. Because you care about your family and want the best for them, you may worry about the element of Radon in your home and want to take action to ensure that your home is at its safest. Because we understand that about 1 in 15 U.S. homes have radon levels above the EPA action level, it makes sense that every family wants to know the answer to the very important question: Is my home affected? From hidden dangers to how you can check for radon, we want to help.

The Dangers of Radon

If people would be more watchful of whether or not their homes have radon in them, it could decrease the likelihood of lung cancer in many patients. In fact, it has been estimated that lung cancers would take a massive decrease by 5,000 deaths if radon would be lowered in a variety of homes. The Surgeon General has come forward with information that radon is actually the second leading cause of lung cancer in all the U.S. For those who have radon in their homes, they run the risk of radon particles radiating into the lungs and damaging tissues. You don’t want this to happen to your family, and we understand how much this means to you. This is why you should make a call to a radon testing contractor for real results, and prevention for your entire family.

How a Contractor Can Help

Local radon testing is readily available for those who believe that the hidden dangers may be present in their homes. Perhaps radon has become a major issue in your area, or you got a simple reminder that it doesn’t hurt to check. Short-term detectors measure up to 90 days, and long-term detectors look for concentration for over 90 days. When you think that testing for radon is in your family’s best interest, call a radon testing contractor for more information on how to move forward with your great decision.

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