Behind the Scenes of a Chimney Inspection


Your chimney may seem to be in excellent shape from the outside. Yet, it may be concealing necessary maintenance and repair work on the inside. But how do you determine when these fixes are required for your chimney?

To start burning logs safely, you should confirm if the chimney is in good working order or needs any fixing. The sweep and scan inspections performed by the chimney inspector should provide you with reassurance and peace of mind. Some companies who do these inspections even offer a camera scan of the flue.

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If the flue is cracked, it exposes your entire household to intense heat, toxic gases, and fumes. Thus, you should have the chimney inspected thoroughly by a professional.

When purchasing a new property, every tiny detail is not always made clear by the seller. You may not be aware of when the previous owners inspected and cleaned the chimney or if they even did so.

That’s why, before you think about burning logs, it’s critical to plan a sweep and scan first. This way, you’ll know the current state of your chimney and find out if it needs any repair.

In this brief yet informative video by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, you’ll discover how a chimney inspector does the job. You will also learn the things to expect when you hire the services of a CSIA certified chimney expert to do the inspection.


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