The Best Way to Perform Rodent Control in Your Yard


Mice, rats, and other rodents can carry disease. They can be a huge problem if they decide to make a home in your backyard. If you have pets or children, they can be an even bigger threat to your family. Luckily, there are some easy ways to prevent this. The best way is to create a baiting program.

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This will provide rodent control and prevent rodents from entering your property.

The container the bait is in should be locked to prevent children from getting into the poison and the animals from getting out. If the rodents get out, you will never see them again. Although, if you have a bird bath, pond, or another water source in your backyard, they might find their way to the water and die there. Thankfully, there’s no cause for concern. There is little to no chance of second-hand poisoning if your beloved family dog gets ahold of the dead rodent.

These bait traps are designed to be used around your home. That way, it only affects the rodents that are attempting to enter your home. Any animals that aren’t attempting to enter your house will not be affected by the trap because they won’t get close enough.


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