What To Know About Sealed Fiber Optic Cables


Fiber optic cables are one of the cornerstones of a fiber-optic network. The demand for high-speed internet and broadband has grown so much over the past few years that it’s almost impossible to accommodate without a fiber-optic network. In the past, we’ve been slicing and splitting cables to extend the network, but now we have a better option with fiber optic cables. The goal for these cables is to increase speed while increasing insulation.

In case you don’t know, sealed fiber optic cables are composed of pure glass that allows light to travel over them over extremely long distances. This is compared to the ancient copper wire system that is currently being phased out.

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Fiber optic cables are great because they can carry an unlimited amount of information without overheating. They can also carry a large amount of information all at once, providing quick response times.

Fiber optics is one of those things in the modern world that we don’t realize how badly we need it until it’s gone. We rely on it so heavily, and yet we can’t regularly see it with the naked eye. To learn more, please watch the provided video on fiber optic cables.


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